Constituted December 8, 1923
Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page
Robert Arthur Young
High Priest

Regular Convocations
Third Wednesday of the month.
All Convocations are held in the
Masonic Temple, 69 West Street,
Leominster, Massachusetts.
Fees for Degrees - $100.00 Dues - $70.00

2019-2020 OFFICERS
High Priest Ex. Robert Arthur Young
King Comp. Jonathan Lapomardo
Scribe Comp. Kenneth Eckland
Treasurer Comp. Ken Andrews (978) 345-6860
1030 Pearl Hill Rd, Fitchburg, MA. 01420
Secretary RE Robert A. Peete (978) 368-7158
37 Plymouth Drive, Lancaster, MA. 01523
Chaplain Comp. Scott Ferguson
Captain of the Host Ex. Robert Aggas
Principal Sojourner Ex. Peter Trei
Royal Arch Captain Ex. James Seymour
Master of the Third Veil Comp. Jim Palmariello
Master of the Second Veil Comp. Kenneth M. Andrews
Master of the First Veil Comp. Mark E. Louttit
Senior Steward
Junior Steward
Asst. Treasurer Ex. Jeffry T. Ross
Asst. Secretary RE Gregory L. Stahl

Carlton C. Whitney - (5),(9) 1974-75 Norman W. Hicks 1976 Robert A. Babin 1986
George D.M. Pushee III - (7),(8),(9),(10) 1976-77 John L. Stacy 1978-79 Albert E. LaChance 1987-88
Ronald F. O’Brien 1981-82 Perham S. Parker 1994-95 Paul C. Stevenson 1990-92
Douglas W. Black 1992 Richard C. Lupien 1996-99 Alan C. Manter 1993
Robert A. Peete 1996-98 Michael F. Terry 2000 William H. Young, Sr. 1994
Peter G. Trei (9) 2002-05 Thomas D. Walthall 2001-02 William H. Young, Jr. 1995
Robert A. Peete - (1),(5),(6),(9) 2006-09 Larry S. Wood 2004
Gregory L. Stahl DDGHP 2010-11 Charles H. Larkin 2005-09
Gregory L. Stahl (5) 2012-13
Dale S. Prentiss (5) 2014-15
Robert Aggas 2015-16
Jeffry T. Ross 2016-18
Robert A. Young 2018-20

(1)Past Deputy Grand High Priest   (2)Past Grand King   (3)Past Grand Scribe  
(4)Past Grand Treasurer   (5)Past DDGHP   (6)Grand Lecturer  
(7)Past Grand Principal Sojourner   (9)Hurd Medal (MA)   Distinguished Service  
(8) Grand Representative   (10)Gold Medal   General Grand Chapter  

Current [NOTICE]

CONTACT: Secretary
R:.E:. Robert A. Peete
37 Plymouth Drive,
Lancaster, MA 01523
(978) 368-7158

Since January 1, 2000
MOVED & UPDATED - 041820 @ 1030 HRS

Operated and Maintained by: R:.I:. Dan Pushee,

Wilder Lodge
Leominster MA
Harris Council R&SMM
Fitchburg MA
Jerusalem No.19
Fitchburg MA

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