Wilder Lodge
A.F. & A.M
Leominster, MA

Chartered 1859

Fraternal Greetings and
to Our Home Page
Wor. Gary D. Petit
Worshipful Master

Regular Communications are held at 7:30 pm
on the first Tuesday of each month.
No Communications are held in July and August.
The Annual Communication is held in October.
All Communications are held in the
Masonic Hall 69 West Street,
Leominster, Massachusetts
(978) 534-4437
Masonic Blood Bank ID #5418

OFFICERS 2014-2015
Worshipful Master
Senior Warden Junior Warden
Thomas C Sefranek R.W. Ken M Andrews
wa1rhp@arrl.net kenandrews@net1plus.com
Treasurer Secretary
Wor. Charles E Koski Patrick J Quigley
cekoski@verizon.net pquigley1980@gmail.com
Asst. Treasurer Asst. Secretary
Gregory L Seward Wor. Paul H Andrews
Chaplain Marshal
Joe D Tetrault Wor. Robert E Audlee
Sr. Deacon Jr. Deacon
Edward L Kelly Thomas A Long
Sr. Steward Jr. Steward
Paul W Dixon Jr. Michael E Kogut
Inside Sentinel Electrician
George K Boateng Jesse L Vear
Grand Lodge Proxy Ritualist
Wor. Peter G Trei Wor. Peter G Trei

1964 Virgil D. D’Onfro 1988 Robert W. Wegenka
1971 Ronall H. Day 1990 Roland A. Nelson
1972 *Robert C. Keogh 1992 Peter G. Trei
1973 Carlton C. Whitney 1996 Kenneth A. Cochran
1974 Kenneth R. Curry 1997 Kevin M. Foster
1975 George D. M. Pushee III 1998 * Roger E. Winchester
1976 Michael N. Mastaler 2000 Robert A. Young
1977 Wendell H. Hughes 2002 Peter G. Trei
1978 Michael N. Mastaler 2003 Robert A. Young
1981 Harry W. Harnden 2004 Paul H. Andrews
1983 Kenneth A. Cochran 2007 * Kenneth M. Andrews
1985 Glendon A. Hatton 2009 Kenneth D. Ruel
1986 Charles E. Koski 2011 Craig W. Claflin
1987 Kenneth A. Cochran 2012-14 Robert E. Audlee
* P.D.G.M.

Overlook Masonic Health Center
Rt 31, Charlton Mass
InfoSource Telephone: (866) 657-7000
Or on the Internet: OverlookInfoSource.org

To get the password, answer the following question. The answer is the password in lowercase (one word).
Two stones sit in the lodge, one is rough, the other is perfect. What one word is associated with these stones?

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CONTACT: Secretary
Bro. Patrick Quigley
(857) 492-1510
E-mail: pquigley1980@gmail.com

Visitor Number
UPDATED - 083115 @ 1130 HRS

Wor. Dan Pushee kych52fl@gmail.com

Most Worshipful Grand Lodge
of Masons in Massachusetts

Massachusetts York Rite Family