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Ven. Harry Eisenberg
Sovereign Master 2019

AMD #366 Meetings
Breakfast at 9 AM followed by the 10 AM meeting
Cozy Corner Café, 2425 N. Courtenay Pkwy,
Merritt Island, FL, 32953, 321-452-0305

Meeting Saturday, 7/30/16 [ REPORT and PICTURES ]
The Truth of the Devine Inscription on the Cross? [ PAPER ]

Sovereign Master Harry
Senior Warden Charles Harper
Junior Warden Stephen Hrehus
Senior Deacon Jimmy
Junior Deacon George
Treasurer Dayle
Secretary William G
Chaplain Wade
Tyler Henry

2000 William G Ellis 2011 Henry Adams
2002 Virgil Brown 2013 James Hawkins
2004 Frederick Piasecki 2014 James Brown
2005 Richard Wolfe 2015 Mike Elliott
2006 Franklin Glenn 2016 Wade Atchison
2007 Dean Hall 2017 Tom Tyczkowski
2008 Charles Hollinger 2018 George Goddard
2010 Dayle Schrock

For Official Information Contact:
William G. Ellis, Secretary
1420 Mercury St., Merritt Island 32953

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