Fraternal Greetings
and WELCOME to
Our Official Home Page
Ven. William O. Saunders
Sovereign Master 2019-2020

Anchor & Ark No. 499 usually meets
three to four times a year during the months of
March, June, September, November.
Please feel free to contact the Secretary
to confirm dates and locations

OFFICERS for 2019-2020
Sovereign Master William O. Saunders, Jr.
Senior WardenBaruti KMT-Sisouvong
Junior WardenNicholas Mikita
Treasurer/SecretaryJeremy A. Gross

Past Sovereign Masters
2012 Ralph E. Desmond
2013 James J. Bennette
2014 Israel J. Callahan
2015 David W. Catten
2016 John C. Sutterley
2017 John C. Sutterley
2018 John C. Sutterley
2019 Jeremy A. Gross

For Official Information Contact:
Jeremy A. Gross, Secretary

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