The Working Tools of an E-M@son


I now present you with the working tools of an E-m@son….

They are the mouse, the keyboard, and the modem.

The mouse is to move within the desktop,
the keyboard to input the data,
and the modem to publish in cyber space.

But as we are not online, as computer nerds,
but rather as Free and Accepted E-M@sons,

WE use these tools to obtain more Masonic light and
to show us the true meaning and value of E-M@sons.

And thus we apply them…..

The mouse teaches us to keep within the bounds of the screen,
a square wherein which we all meet on the level.

The keyboard is to show us that communicating will lead us to
a better understanding of each other and the rest of mankind.

The modem to teach us that even when we are alone,
or in the most remote part of the globe,
we may meet and gain moral sustenance and support
from each other and thus gain more light,
from our Ancient and Honourable Fraternity.

So Mote it Be…

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