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Very Eminent Preceptor
William T. Hargrove - 2018

The Garden of Gethsemane, No. II,
Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (HRAKTP)
located in Richmond, Virginia
meets the second Saturday in December and
was one of the Three Tabernacles which
formed The Grand College of America on May 27, 1933.

Preceptor William T. Hargrove
Deputy PreceptorNelson C. Trinkle
Registrar James T. Dean
Seventh Pillar Harless T. Dobbins
Sixth Pillar Torben H. Pedersen
Fifth PillarDaniel L. Rose
Fourth PillarBenjamin F. Hill
Third Pillar Peter Gordon
Second PillarBobby D. Hines
First PillarHenry G. Sharber III
Inner Guard Peter R. Spring
Outer GuardJohn R. Howerton

Registrar James T. Dean
8418 Fedora Dr.
Chesterfield, Va. 23836-6256

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