Fraternal Greetings and
WELCOME to our Home Page
Very Eminent Preceptor
George L. Marshall, Jr.

Jerusalem Tabernacle meets in the city of Birmingham
for its Annual Ingathering on the
Saturday in December nearest to the 12th day of that month.
The Tabernacle meets at 10:00 a.m.
in Birmingham Metro Masonic Lodge Building.

V.E. PreceptorGeorge L. Marshall, Jr.
Deputy PreceptorRobert D. Moseson
Treasurer/RegistrarEmory J. Ferguson, K.C.
Seventh PillarRaymond C. Dunn
Sixth PillarJamie A. Smith
Fifth PillarHiram O. Williams
Fourth PillarRonald G. Andress
Third PillarC. Sterling Hughes
Second PillarWilliam J. Burfitt, Sr.
First PillarSidney R. Cooley, Sr.
Inner GuardRichard R. Losch
Outer GuardMichael E. Addams
PrelateWinston L. Each

Membership Roster, 2017
Michael L. Jones, K.C. * 12/14/1968 George L. Marshall, Jr. 12/10/2005
Emory J. Ferguson, K.C. 12/9/1978 Raymond C. Dunn 12/8/2007
Charles R. Pate, K.C. 12/13/1986 Bobby C. Park 12/8/2007
Erskine K. Smith, K.C. 12/13/1986 Jamie A. Smith 12/13/2008
Charles W. McDonald, K.C. 12/10/1986 Hiram O. Williams, Jr. 12/13/2008
Wayne R. Hammond, K.C. 12/12/1992 Ronald G. Andress 12/12/2009
Arthur C. Harding, K.C.* 12/11/1993 Harold W. Worthington 12/11/2010
Thomas F. Craig, K.C. 12/10/1994 William J. Burfitt, Sr. 12/10/2011
MacArthur Davis, K.C. 12/10/1994 Sidney R. Cooley, Sr. 12/14/2013
George F. Mills, K.C. 12/12/1998 Richard R. Losch 12/14/2013
Wayne D. Jordan, K.C. 12/11/1999 Michael E. Addams 12/13/2014
Phillip J. Sherman, K.C. 12/11/1999 Ned Cox 12/13/2014
Teddy R. Grogan, Jr.,K.C. 12/8/2001 Winston L. Each 12/10/2016
Roger A. Simmons 12/14/2002 Dr. R. Kim Harrison  12/10/2016
Jack C. Wade,K.C. 12/13/2003 James C. McGee 12/10/2016
Maurice C. Himes, K.C. 12/11/2004 Thomas R. Bassett 12/9/2017
Robert D. Moseson 12/10/2005 William A. Carter 12/9/2017
Sterling Hughes 12/12/2009 Michael F. Feld 12/9/2017

For Official Information:
Contact:Emory J. Ferguson, K.C.

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