Fraternal Greetings and
WELCOME to our Home Page
Very Eminent Preceptor - Lee W. Smith

Ingatherings are held in the First Saturday of June and December (Annual Ingathering)
at 1:00 P.M. at the Masonic York Rite Temple, 1930 West Catalpa Street
(corner of Kansas Expressway and West Catalpa Street), Springfield, Missouri

For Official Information Contact:
Registrar/Treasurer - Robert R. Anderson, Jr. K.C.

Officers for 2016 - 2017
Office Knight Priest Name
Preceptor Lee W. Smith
Deputy Preceptor Clark A. McLemore
Registrar/Treasurer Robert R. Anderson, Jr. K.C.
Seventh Pillar Roy L. Gilkey
Sixth Pillar James H. Mercer
Fifth Pillar James H. Whitman
Fourth Pillar Paul L. Daniels
Third Pillar Edward L. Choate
Second Pillar John W. Shoemaker
First Pillar David P. McDaniel
Inner Guard Carlin L. Smittle
Outer Guard Robert P. Gephardt

Past Preceptors
1991 William R. Probst* 2003 Gayle D. Bedell
1992 William R. Probst* 2004 James J. Gibbons*
1993 Robert G. Bird* 2005 Glenn E. Henness*
1994 William E. Criss 2006 Columbus Craft
1995 Eugene P. McFarland* 2007 Gary A. Phillips
1996 Danny L. Ferguson* 2008 Marvin W. Frost
1997 Richard D. Carroll 2009 Walter W. Doyle
1998 Jacob C. Baird* 2010 Kenneth D. Dingman, Jr.*
1999 C. C. McLemore III 2011 Michael E. Day
2000 J. Edward Blinn* 2012 William J. Neighbors
2001 Roy R. Clements* 2013 James R. Leonard
2001 Robert R. Anderson, Jr. 2014 Chris McLemore IV
2002 H. Norman Napier* 2015 Bob L. Detherow
2003 Clarence W. Wieland* 2016 Lawrence M. Cripps
* Deceased    

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