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The Masonic Community Center Foundation
Omaha Masons recently established the Masonic Community Center Foundation (MCCF). The MCCF is an IRS 501(c)(3) entity. Its purpose is to serve both the various Omaha Masonic organizations and the Omaha community in which they reside. The Masonic organizations draw their membership and vitality from and thus are intimately involved with the citizens in the locality in which they live.

Masons have a long history of honoring the precepts of duties to family, country and their fellow man. Consistent with those principles and to respond to the problem of the fractured family detailed above, the MCCF has formulated the Fatherhood-Family Initiative. The philosophy of this initiative is to strengthen the family unit by helping to restore responsible fatherhood to the family (including the role of authority figure and family provider), help fathers bond with their offspring, and help maintain two-parent families.