Fraternal Greetings and
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Roland E. Woodard
Puissant Sovereign

Third Sunday in September in Williston , VT @ 2 pm
Third Sunday in April in Williston, VT @ 2 pm

Recorder: William Karstens, IV, PS
52 Bingham LN
Williston, VT 05495-2038

[ By-Laws ] ~ [ Regulations ]

Sovereign Roland E. Woodard
Viceroy RFrederick E. Jackson,ProTemp
Senior General Eric C. Steele
Junior General John L. Montross
Treasurer James E. Selleck, KGC
Recorder William Karstens, IV, PS
Prelate Willam H. Grant, Jr., PS
Prefect William Karstens, IV, PS
Standard Bearer David W. Schuler, PS
Herald William W. Smith, PS
Sentinel Edward E. Nawotka, Jr., PS

Living Past Sovereigns
1980 James E. Selleck, K.G.C., # 2005 Guy W. Oldenburgh
1991 Stu E. Lee, * 2006 Alexis J.Parent, Jr.
1992 Aurele Gagne, * 2012/13 Frederick E. Jackson
1995 James R. Winner, III 2014/17 Robert H. Landon,@
2002 Edward E. Nawotka, Jr. 2016/17  William Karstens, IV
2003 Roger L. Patriquin 2018/19 David W. Schuler
2004 William H. Grant, Jr.
# Past Grand Sovereign  
* Assoc. Past Grand Sovereign  
@ Transferred from DeMolay Conclavein 2018  

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