Fraternal Greetings and
Welcome to
Our Official Home Page
Ara Maloyan, IX°
Chief Adept

Daniel Doornbos, VIII°
Celebrant 2022-2023

For further information, contact:
Patrick G. Bailey, IX°

Members meet on Sundays in February (4th), May(4th), August (4th), and November (3rd) At 2:30 PM
During February and August:....................And in May and November:
At the Los Altos Lodge No. 712 Masonic Temple..........At the Fairfield-Suisun Lodge No. 55 Masonic Temple
146 Main Street, Los Altos, CA 94022-2905 ..........412 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533-5126

OFFICERS 2022 to 2023
Chief Adept Ara Maloyan, IX°
Celebrant Daniel Doornbos, VIII°
Exponent Bud Ramsey, VII°
Treasurer Phil Hardiman, IX°  
Secretary Joseph Dongo, IX°
1st Ancient Brandon Dueñas, VI°
2nd Ancient Michael McKeown, VII°
3rd Ancient Patrick Muldoon, V°
4th Ancient Isaac Dikeocha, VI°
Conductor Thomas Pryor, VI°
Hearld Jonathan Prestage, VI°
Torch Bearer Carl Brickner, IV°
Acolyte Walter Crossley, V°
Web./Lib. Patrick Bailey, IX°
Prelate Thomas Ellison, VI°

Published January 8, 2016
UPDATED 052422 @ 1800 HRS
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and Patrick G. Bailey, IX°

VISIT - The High Council, SRICF

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