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Ven.Carlos Verdugo, KRBE
Sovereign Master 2021

Meeting Location: York Rite Center
10868 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers FL 33966 [MAP]

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Sovereign MasterVen.Carlos Verdugo, KRBE
Senior WardenDerek Vaneske,
Junior WardenJonas Seda
Treas/SecE. Randy Spradling PGrSupt, KGCRBE
ChaplainEdgar Lanham, PSM, KCRBE
Senior DeaconRaymond L. Brownlee
Junior DeaconRonald Dalrymple
TylerLew Fish KCRBE

For Official Information, Contact:
Randy Spradling PGrSupt, KGCRBE, Tres/Sec

since March 27, 2014
UPDATED - 012521@1900

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Dan Pushee,PGrSupt,KGCRBE
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