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Very Eminent Preceptor 2018
Keith D. Clark, Sr.

Meets once annually, 2nd Saturday in December
to conduct business and elect candidates,
and to confer the Order.

April Newsletter (.pdf)


Very Eminent Preceptor Keith D. Clark, Sr., KC
Deputy Preceptor Aaron Ray
Treasurer/Registrar Eston W. (Lucky) Wilson, KC
7th Pillar Jack Tisdale
6th Pillar Jerry Springer
5th Pillar Gurley Ramey
4th Pillar Thomas G. Graham
3rd Pillar Willie J. Fulton
2nd Pillar Frank E. Quarles
1st Pillar Kennedy C. McCall
Inner Guard William H. McElya
Outer Guard Donald A. Yates
Director of Work Melvin Russell, KC
Prelate Villani J. Thomas

Our Founders
William H. Koon, II, KGC, GC
James E. Olmstead, KC
Homer L. Buchannan, KC

For Official Information Contact:

Eston W. (Lucky) Wilson
5285 Germantown Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45417
(937) 268-0432

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