Fraternal Greetings and
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Em. Kt. Henry Handsley
Eminent Prior 2018-2019

Conclaves are held on the Second Saturday in June
and the First Saturday in October
in Sudbury Ontario, Canada

OFFICERS 2018-2019
Prior Em. Kt. Henry Handsley
Past Prior Em. Kt. Clive D. Stephenson
Deputy Prior Kt. Kenneth Pierce
Treasurer Em Kt. Gordon V.G. McEwen
Registrar Em. Kt. Paavo Liukko
Warder Kt. David Carscallen
Prelate Kt. Stanley R. Fenton
Orator Kt. Joseph Rankin
Herald Kt. Prince Selvaraj
Marshal Kt. John Henry Lewis
Sentinel Kt. Richard D. Pihlaja

2010Gordon V.G. McEwen
2011Paavo Liukko
2012John E. Gamble
2013Norman McComb
2014Bryan Cunningham
2015Michael J.R. Millard
2016Erno A. Gulyas
2017Clive D. Stephenson

For Official Information
Contact: Paavo Liukko, Registrar
76 Berkley Court, Sudbury, ON, Canada, P3A 4B4
Phone - 705-524-3078 email -

Since 22 November 2010
UPDATED - 121218 @ 1330 HRS