Fraternal Greetings and
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Knight Companion Aaron R. White
Puissant Sovereign 2022

Stated Assemblies held on the Second Monday
of March, June, September and December
at the Masonic Temple
1524 west Linden Street
Allentown, Pa., 18102

Recorder Bryan K. Fritz, P,S
5608 Meadow Dr., Orefield, PA 18069-9027
717-367-4184 E-MAIL:

Elected Officers: NAME
Puissant Sovereign Aaron R. White
Eminent Viceroy David M. Howells, Jr.
Senior General Gerald C. Berger
Junior General Daniel E. Tarafas
Treasurer John H. Woodling
Recorder Bryan K. Fritz, P,S,
Trustee Bryan L. Hill, P.S.
Trustee Ronald M. Hilmer
Trustee James E. Flemming
Appointments: NAME
Prelate George B. Hixon
Orator Thomas C. Helm
Prefect Alan R. Beidel
Standard Bearer Stephen Gardner
Herald Jared R, Kichline
Sentinel Brad R, Steigerwalt
Director of Work Harry J. Beers, P.S.
Intendent General Victor K. Crooks, II

Living Past Sovereigns
1989 Richard S. Christine 2011 George W. Young
1991 Raymond L. Schoch 2012 Bryan L. Hill
1999 Thomas R. Lawall 2015 Harry J. Beers
2003 Errol T. Betzenberger 2016 Kraig D. Hess
2006 Thomas F. Miller 2017 Douglas M. Rowe
2007 Larry G. Newhard 2018 Robert W. Bunch, Jr.
2008 John J. Donati, Jr. 2019 Bryan K. Fritz
2008 William H. Haynes 2020/21 Louis E. Starniri
2010 Lloyd D. Pittenger

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