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Richard F. Cole, Jr., IX°
Chief Adept

Daniel R. Hotchkiss, VII°
Celebrant 2021-2022

For OFFICIAL Information
Dennis A. Sheridan, IX°, Secretary

    The SRICF is a research society whose primary purpose is to enhance the Masonic education of our members, expand their knowledge of the ancient mysteries, and provide a better understanding of the world at large. Meetings, in part, are compose of speakers and papers presented which are then submitted for publication in the SRICF "Ad Lucem". Membership is restricted to Master Masons who are of the Christian faith and then by invitation only.

OFFICERS 2021/2022
Chief Adept Richard F. Cole, Jr., IX°
Celebrant Daniel R. Hotchkiss, VIII°
Exponent Patrick J. O’Sullivan, VII°
Secretary Dennis A. Sheridan, IX°
Treasurer Robert L. Sutherland, Jr., VII°
First Ancient Nicholas A. Collins, VII°
Second Ancient Jerome T. Becker, VII°
Third Ancient Thomas X. Tsirimokos, IX°
Fourth Ancient R. Bradley Alderfer VIII°
Conductor of Novices Malcolm A. Wooff, VII°
First Herald David S. Collins, VII°
Second Herald Richard W. Elliott, IV°
Guardian of the Caverns John A. Loven, V°
Prelate Ronald J. Brown, VII°
Torchbearer George X. Tsirimokos,VII°

Published May 7, 2021
UPDATED & MOVED - 091421 @ 0930 HRS

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