Fitchburg Masonic Apartments
16 Thorndike St. Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Meets 1st Thursday of the Month
September through June

Fraternal Greetings and
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I:. Andrew Paradis
Illustrious Master

Illustrious Master: I:. Andrew Paradis
Deputy Master: I:. William Galloway
Principal Conductor of Work: I:. John Fritscher
Treasurer:Comp Karl Edmands
Recorder: Comp Edward Newton Jr.
Chaplain: I:. Richard Sleeper
Master of Ceremonies: Comp William Kitteridgee
Captain of the Guard: Comp Scott Tourtellot
Conductor of the Council:V:.I:. Brian Hand
Steward: Comp Jon Benoit
Sentinel: Comp Christopher Murray

Comp Edward Newton Jr., Recorder

SINCE 30 September 2019
UPDATED 060222@0730

Operated and Maintained by: R:.I:. Dan Pushee,
Grand Representative, Florida;
Holder of Blake-Bayley Medal
Past Grand Lecturer
& Past Illustrious Master

Leominster RAC
Leominster MA